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Promotional Package Services

Below is our full set of marketing and advertising services to promote your project and attract more investors.

  ICO Listing 0.1 ETH
  ICO Listing + Hot ICO Listing 0.2 ETH
  Press release 0.4 ETH
  Press release + Newsletters 0.5 ETH
  Sponsored Post 0.3 ETH
  Sponsored Post pinned for 4 Days on Homepage 0.4 ETH
  Top Advertisement Banner  (45 Days) 1.5 ETH
  Under navigation Advertisement banner  (45 Days) 1.2 ETH
  Square Advertisement banner Homepage  (45 Days) 0.8 ETH
  Right Side Advertisement banner inner pages  (45 Days) 0.6 ETH
  Advertisement banner in Every Article/Post  (45 Days) 1.0 ETH


If you are looking for complete Premium packages then we can make it in just 3.5 ETH. Also if you want custom selected package then please write back to us.

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