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ATLANTICO Network – consolidation of medical services within a single decentralized server

The medical sphere is one of the most popular in the modern world. But, unfortunately, the quality of services leaves much to be desired. And this factor concerns both medical services themselves, as well as the authenticity of medicines and the integrity of insurance companies. The attending physicians are not interested in providing high-quality services and creating a good reputation, since in any case, wages will be unchanged. Moreover, a patient cannot refuse the services of an incompetent specialist, since a specific doctor is assigned to each territory. Treatment in a paid clinic is fraught with high costs, albeit with a decent level of quality. The decentralized ATLANTICO Network platform is designed to solve the problem.

Key features of ATLANTICO Network

ATLANTICO Network unites medical and pharmaceutical services, as well as medical insurance on a single server. The creators of the platform tend to organize a single workspace to improve the quality of medical services and reduce the cost of their provision. The work on the project is supported by the Ministry of Health, municipal and private hospitals.

Advantages of ATLANTICO Network

To start working on the platform, You should go through SCC registration – every user or organization will be thoroughly checked to eliminate fraud. ATLANTICO Network is based on blockchain technology, which reliably protects all personal data of a user. Calculations using smart contracts will allow to quickly and economically conduct transactions, thereby reducing prices for end users.

The work of ATLANTICO Network is based on six parties, namely patients, private doctors or polyclinics, drug manufacturers, wholesale drug companies, pharmacies, insurance companies.

Patients will get an opportunity to enjoy with high quality medical services for a reasonable price with the help of the ATLANTICO Network project. The main advantage of the project is the freedom to choose a specialist.

Doctors, in turn, get the opportunity to earn extra money on the project. Each doctor independently forms the reputation – after each completed consultation a patient can leave a feedback about the work of an expert. Thus, a doctor is interested in the high quality of service delivery. ATLANTICO Network allows providing services remotely or with a full-time visit of a patient.

Pharmaceutical companies with the help of ATLANTICO Network will be able to establish a chain of supplies for pharmacies with the help of contractors in the field of transportation.

Pharmacies will be able to monitor the legality of work at each stage of delivery and guarantee the quality of medicines to their customers.

A user will also be able to enjoy with the services of insurance organizations in frames of ATLANTICO Network project. The live rating system will allow choosing a client-oriented company and insuring the objects quickly and safely.

ATLANTICO Network cryptocurrency

ATL tokens are used to perform internal payments for services provided by the project. A total of 250 million tokens were allocated for sale. One token can be purchased for 0.0001 ETH. Now the project is at the pre-ICO stage that lasts until August 28. The investors still have the opportunity to purchase tokens with a 25% bonus. You can buy tokens for dollars or cryptocurrency (ETH, BTC, LTC, etc.). The main crowdsale starts in in September and lasts until October 31st. The tokens will be distributed as soon as the sales are over.


Thus, ATLANTICO Network platform is designed to provide high-quality medical services for a reasonable amount of money. Patients will be able to receive quality services, quickly arrange insurance, order genuine medicines, choose a specialist, and doctors will have the opportunity to earn extra money. Pharmaceutical companies will be able to build a transparent system of work and monitor the supply of medicines to pharmacies to eliminate counterfeits on the market. A user will also be able to see that the original high-quality medicines have been delivered to this pharmacy.

ATLANTICO Network is available both in the web version and in the mobile application. To date, out of 15 million tokens allocated for the pre-sale, less than 1 million ATL has remained unrealized, which indicates the success of the project and the high chances for further development.



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