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Attacks of Crypto Ransomware Prevent by Paypal With New Patent

Crypto Ransomware Prevent by Paypal

According to a document from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published on April 16. Digital payment giant PayPal has won a cyberspace patent to protect users from the Crypto ransomware.

The system described in the patent, titled “Techniques for ransomware detection and mitigation,”, aims to improve the recognition of ransomware and to prevent users from accessing their files.

In PayPal’s patent, ransomware has been described as a malware that can encrypt the original data and remove the non-encrypted original version, the malicious party usually allows the users to decrypt the files into an anonymous cryptocurrency Seeks to pay.

In this way, PayPal allows attackers to prevent the first copy of the original content of a file and to remove the revised content from being encrypted. Along with this, the patent also wants to find out whether the ransomware is working on the computer, which hopes to reduce or avoid the negative effects of ransomware.

Last year, PayPal filed another USPTO patent to increase the speed of crypto by using a secondary private key to reduce waiting times for transactions between merchants and consumers.

Recently, global tech giant IBM filed another blockchain patent to manage data and interactions for self-driving vehicles.

Crypto Ransomware Prevent by Paypal

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