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Bitcoin Prediction by Tim Draper $250,000 in 2023 | Bitcoin Bull run 2019

By 20th May, Bitcoin (BTC) will have 5% market share in the whole world, serial VC investor Tim Draper told Fox Business in an interview on May 10.

Speaking on the occasion of the Salt Conference in Las Vegas, Draper – who has become a Stalwart Bitcoin Advocate – said that the biggest Cryptocurrency will continue to be achieved dramatically in price.

He said, “It has been going on for four years, because I believe that in four years, Bitcoin will have 5% market share in the earth.” Draper added:

“It’s a better currency, it’s decentralized, open — it’s transparent; everybody knows what happens on the blockchain.”

As the reported, Bitcoin bull run 2019 is in progress this week, in which BTC / USD is crossing the $ 6,000 mark to determine its highest level since November 2018.

Appearing in his now trademarked trademark tie and socks, Draper said that he fully imagined running a bitcoin-dependent company, where transactions used it exclusively.

He said, “After all, I want a fund where I can take a bitcoin and fund everyone in bitcoin, they pay their employees and suppliers in bitcoins and then I pay my investors in bitcoin, ” They said. Draper then said:

“Because I would then require no accounting, no legal, no bookkeeping, no custody — it would all be done.”

Tim Draper, who is also a prominent supporter and investor in Smart Contract, and decentralized application platform Tezos (XTZ), made one of the industry’s fastest predictions for the first bitcoin value, in November claimed that by 2023, a single coin Will be $ 250,000.

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