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BTC-BNB: Accepting CZ Cryptocurrency welcomes the world’s first live real estate auction

Cryptocurrency spaces were recently pushed into real estate spotlight after allowing virtual property enthusiasts and users to use digital currencies to buy beach property in Australia. In the past, cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin [BTC] and Binance Coin [BNB] were used in the live auction.

One of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of volume of trade, Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao tweeted about 300K followers about the development. He announced that “the world’s first live auction of auctioneer by cryptocurrency” will be next month.

The amazing beachfront property is located in 1 Beach Lane, Casuarina, New South Wales and will be placed for an auction at an event labeled as “International Live Property Auction Using Cryptocurrence”.

After the announcement, CZ clarified that the residence was “not a Binens home,” and that they only “appreciated the property very much.”

A firm providing facility of high-volume [OTC] trades in Trigon Trading,Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and XRP revealed that it was the exchange of NuYen Exchange in the settlement of Australian Dollar from BTC for Australian Dollar during the real estate auction Will help. .

The announcement received many responses from social media users. Twitter user @rallyqt said,

“This house is futuristic! It’s for sale for 471 Bitcoins $BTC (appr. $1.8 million at current prices) or I’m guessing ~200K Binance coin $BNB. The crypto price is way cheaper than fiat price. Nice.”

In addition, Brad Lorry, an Australian resident with a YouTube channel on cryptocurrencies, said,

“I actually have seen this house for sale for a while now, ([it’s down the hill and road for me in Australia]. Imagine @cz_binance in a decade. When it was first advertised it was just in $BTC so this addition of $BNB is interesting.”

“I have actually seen this house for sale for some time, ([I have a hill and down the road for me in Australia] Imagine @cz_binance in a decade. When it was advertised for the first time, It was just $ BTC. $ BNB is interesting. ” Real Estate Auction

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