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Ethereum [ETH] Despite the bear attacks, in the last three weeks, 6 out of 10 of its highest use days were seen

Ethereum (ETH) movement on the cryptocurrency chart has described many people in the world of digital assets as “slow” or “irresponsible”. This microbial attack on a co-established network of Vitalik Buterin is a long process, in which due to the rise of faster and more efficient technologies and block channel, many bets have been made on “death of Ethereum network”.

However, the second biggest cryptocurrency seems to be taking these observations in the form of new data that in the last 3 weeks there are 6 out of the 10 highest usage days in the history of Ethereum. Due to the recovered well after the decline of the Ethereum after the fall in mid-January. The data of emerged a peak. Stunning peaks were also explained in terms of usage when compared to the usage data in December / January 2018, the time period when the cryptocurrency market reached its highest time.

In the cryptocurrency space, some users were still important about the data, with dk_holdnaut, a cryptocurrency enthusiast tweet:

“I have never seen or even heard about anyone using any Ethereum app. If it was truly decentralized and censorship resistant I believe the people that value these perks the most atm and have the most funds to devote would’ve build a drug market dApp by now.”

However, the competitiveness of Ethereum, EOS and Tron ​​are not very far behind. More recently, Tron, Justin Sun-led cryptocurrency announced that TRX mainnet has crossed 2.5 million accounts, defeating Ethereum with 8 million blocks. Despite Ethereum, chronological advantage, there were only 7.5 million blocks.

Ethereum had taken another hit when EOS made the record for the most cryptocurrency transaction in a single day. CTO Daniel Larimer tweeted:

“#eos recently set a record of over 70m actions processed in one day. An average of over 810 actions per second. Our team is making great strides in further optimization and scaling. #B1JUNE”

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Ethereum (ETH)

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