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Ethereum [ETH] miners are united to fight against ASIC Mining

Ethereum [ETH], the second largest cryptocurrency in space, has consistently been in the limelight for its technological advancement. At present, the upcoming and most discussed upgrade is ProgPow, the implementation of Programmatic Proof Off-Work

This protocol was proposed by the IfDefElse team due to the concerns generated by ASD mining. Once ProgPow gets green light from most part of the Ethereal ecosystem and manages to pass audit, it will basically expand Ethereum, the current Ethereal algorithm.

The key aspect of ProgPow is that it increases the performance of the graphic card, making them more competitive. In addition, it also ensures that all components of the graphic card are used to their full extent. Another important feature is that ProgPow changes the problem of the statement in mining at the time.

According to the reports, with the implementation of ProgPow, GPU miners will have an edge over ASIC miners. This is mainly because ASIC focuses only on one function. GPU miners can also enjoy additional benefits, flexibility, because it can be used for mining and gaming. The IFDefElse team has also collaborated with leading graphic card makers – Nvidia and AMD to test implementation effects.

Earlier this year, most of Ethereum Developers decided to pursue the process related to the implementation of ProgPow on Ethereum, after which, the team decided to conduct an audit on ProgPow so that it could be examined that its Whether or not the claims are true.

Hudson Jameson, a member of the Atrial Foundation, recently said that this audit involved two processes: Benchmarking – to see if Nvidia or AMD is performing in an improper manner and the second to check how long ASE Minor can be organized. On the bay

At the time of writing, the reaction of miners to implementation was immense. 75% of miners had turnover and they were all in favor of the implementation.

Wartywarlock, a Redditor said,

“The thing that gets me is nowhere is voting “No”, 25% don’t appear to give a toss, which is basically tacit endorsement of the most popular option. Do any pools offer a no vote? Ethermine said they would but at a glance I don’t see the option.”

Paleovanguard, another Redditor said,

“What percent would mine a different coin if the community consensus decided to never implement ProgPoW? Probably less than 5%.”

When asked whether the remaining 24% were ASIC miners, Aznar commented,

“If there is 24% of ASICs, why do we need Progpow?”

To this, flygoing replied,

“The tendency of ASICs is for the percent share to grow over time, as the efficiency increases and more companies manufacture them”

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