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MenaPay Tokens Sold Out On the First Day In Asia

60.COM has launched MenaPay IEO on the 16th of March and all daily token reserves of 50 thousand MPay Tokens were sold out in the first 1.5 minutes of the launch. As of today; they have sold 402,673.7 tokens in total.

One of the new fundraising approaches to crypto-banking is the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). It has caught the attention of the ICOs and traders all around the globe. When the Initial Exchange Offering starts, the investors can buy the tokens from the agreed crypto exchanges. This system is like involving a middleman between the startups and contributors. 60.COM has chosen to conduct the MenaPay IEO which will last on the 15th of May and MenaPay is aiming to reach the $1 Billion USD market cap.

The crypto exchange 60.COM operates in Singapore and provides trading services in Hong Kong, Philippine, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia and other countries. Investors can trade their ETH or BTC with new projects during their early investment stages.

About MenaPay: MenaPay replaces traditional payment with blockchain based fully backed cryptocurrency and provides secure and transparent payment gateway to enable P2P transaction in every aspect of daily life.

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