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Nuls (NULS)

What is NULS?

NULS is a Blockchain Infrastructure for customizable services, which is operated by global open-source community.

Following the principles of pluggability, modularization and parallel expansion, NULS offers smart contracts, multi-chain mechanisms and cross-chain consensus in order to reduce the cost of development and utilization and interaction with Blockchain’s application and chain in the business area. Could be promoted.

NULS is endeavoring to build its core product: “chain factory”, excluding “chain” as core in NULS development philosophy. In the meantime, NULS will realize the value circulation between the chains through the cross-chain module and will create the blockchain’s ecosystem.

Nuls Crypto Coin mission

  • Provide flexible blockchain technology that supports various types of enterprise applications
  • Efficient, high-performance technology to solve obstacles
  • Encourage the use of blockchain technology by reducing the barrier of entry development cost
  • Provide the most powerful system of trust through a decentralized network

How Nuls works

Module Repository

This blockchain covers most of the technologies in the region and provides standard components for BlockChain, Multi-Chain and Cross-chain mechanisms.

Chain Factory

Users can create block chains only in 4 steps.

Cross-Chain Mechanism

Using “Satellite Chain” to achieve cross-chain value circulation, we will build NULS ecology.

Smart Contracts

Modular design, Java based development, high TPS and rich smart contract library in the way.

NULS Crypto Wallet

NULS Wallets are developed by the NULS Core Team and Code Craft Council. We also provide third party wallet. When using third party wallet you are responsible for the security of your private key.


Official website:- Nuls Crypto coin

NULS Crypto Explorer :- Explorer

Source Code:- Code Link

Nuls Crypto Social links:-  TelegramTwitter ,Github , Medium, Reddit

Nuls Crypto email id:-

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