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Samsung galaxy s10 Inbuilt crypto wallet support Bitcoin and Ethereum

South Korean technical giant Samsung will have wallet functions for the apparently Ethereum (ETH), bitcoin (BTC) and two other tokens in the new Galaxy S 10 series smartphone. A Samsung official told about the phone’s new features in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 25 in Barcelona.

In his presentation, Samsung unveiled several crypto and blockchain related projects depicting the smartphone, including the support of Bitcoin, Ethereum, COSMEE token (COSM) and Enjin’s token (ENJ). COSMEE is a Blockchain-enabled Mobile Beauty decentralized app (DAP) where users can earn and spend COSM tokens. Engin is a cryptocurrency wallet that will be reportedly installed in the new Galaxy S10.

COSMEE claims that Samsung has chosen as the first partner DAPP supported by its upcoming smartphone, while Enjin can be used to send and receive ERC-20 token and ERC-1155 crypto game assets.

There have been different reports about blockchain and crypto integration in Samsung’s new phones. In December 2018, Samsung rejected the idea of ​​an integrated crypto wallet as “rumor and speculation”. In January, the leaked photos of the new smartphone suggested that the Galaxy S10 would support an Ethereum wallet.

Earlier today, Blockchain-centric smartphone phones developed by consumer electronics giant HTC announced that it has partnered with Opera browser and added support for many DAPs. The company announced support for Etheremon and Decentralized Dapps, and the smartphone is now reportedly supporting Taiwanese DAPP called Numbers.

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