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South korean actress jeon mi-seon found dead in hotel room in suspected suicide

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Korean actress Jeon Mi-seon has died from local law enforcement in South Korea, The Hollywood Reporter Confirms She was 48.

The police has not yet confirmed the cause of death, although they are investigating the matter under the suspicion that Jean committed suicide. There was no sign of breakdown in her hotel room, where the incident took place, and the actress was reported to have depressed.

South korean actress jeon mi-seon found dead in hotel room in suspected suicide

According to the Yonhap News Agency, the police said in a recent statement, “We believe that Geoen Mi-seon was very sad because there was a death in the family and his mother had become very sick.”

The veteran artist was known for many roles in the television show, such as Five Fingers and The Moon that Embraces the Sun Recently, Jean was seen in the Andante series and after the feature films Spring and the upcoming drama The King’s Letters, which was directed by Chul-Hyun. The film is ready for release at the end of July.

Jeanon was born in South Korea in 1972, and in 1990 he started his performance career in Sung-Hong Kim’s Georges Gagaum Hanulele Boja. From there, the actress played roles in films including Memorials of Murder and Bungee Jumping of the Continuing, before landing regularly. In the TV series Hwang Jin Yi

During his career, which spanned for almost 30 years, Jeanon was supposed to receive many awards, including many KDS Drama Awards and Golden Cinema Festival and Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards in his home country.

The local entertainment industry has given a strong reaction to the news of Jean’s death, because it follows many high-profile suicides and efforts in recent years. In May, KPop Star Gu Hara took the headlines for trying his own life (he has been fine since then). Last year, actor  Jeon Tae-soo  death is considered as suicide. It was not long after the tragic suicide of K-Pop star Kim Jongyun. A boy band, known as Shiny’s Jonghyun , with a broad fan base throughout Asia, Kim also reportedly had depression before ending his life in December 2017. He was only 27 years old.

Celebrity deaths and suicide attempts have expressed country-wide concern on suicide in South Korea. In OECD countries, since 2003, the rate of suicide in the Asian country is highest, in which an average one person takes his life in every 40 seconds. The most recent data provided by local authorities revealed that more than 13,000 Korean people committed suicide in 2016.

Last year, the Minister of Health and Welfare of South Korea,  Park Neunghoo announced a plan to stop and prevent suicide, for which he has set a budget of about $ 15.2 million (16.2 billion Korean wins) for the initiative .

A fun hall has been established for the genon in Asan Medical Center in Zion.

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