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Standard Chartered hired by Facebook for its Cryptocurrency Project

According to a report by the Financial Times on December 14. Facebook has appointed Head of Standard Chartered Bank to head public affairs Ed Bowles as part of the cryptocurrency project.

According to the report. Facebook has hired senior bank lobbyist in anticipation of a more regulatory inquiry in Europe about its plans to launch its crypto asset and other financial services for its 2.4 billion users. Balls will join the company in September. And will reportedly be its director in London’s public policy.

Earlier today, news broke that Facebook has sealed banking with more than a dozen firms, including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Uber, for the Cryptocurrency Project, which is called “Libra”.

An executive of the European Facebook has recently confirmed that a white paper underlining the imperative requirement of cryptocurrency has to be published on June 18.

As a context graph analysis notes, both Facebook and Telegram are examples of major social platforms. Which are quietly working on their original cryptocurrency tokens.

The encrypted instant messaging service telegram officially issued a test client for its Telegram Open Network (TON) at the end of May. In addition to the TON Lite client itself, users can now also install a configuration file for Smart Contract Development, which connects the Light client to a test server.

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