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Wonders in the digital asset market: eBay is going to collaborate with Bitcoin

Yes as we all know that Crypto market and digital assets are being famous among traders very much. They are benefiting people and the traders at a high rate and this becomes huger when the news came out by the source that in a very short time eBay is going to accept the Bitcoins. The official news is not been declared by the eBay right now but it will be soon out. It will be very beneficial for the traders and for the buyers if this news is true and hence the asset market is waiting for the official announcement.

Acceleration in acceptance of cryptocurrency is at a high rate:

After 2016 the craze of the digital asset was all set to increase and that happened by the end of 2017. People are using Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies at a good level for purchasing different things. The level of security and ease that digital assets are giving to the people is making them get attracted to the use of it. It is not only safe and secure but also save the time of taking the money from the bank and then purchasing the thing you want.

How much the news leaked is true?

The news is very true as eBay has recently hired a well professional person of PayPal which shows that they want the person to handle the assets. The new vice president of Global partnership 2018 Mr. Sanjay Kon who is the earlier the executive of eBay and PayPal. It is also said that eBay will collaborate with an organization known as UTrust which will be a very major decision for the trade.

Will you be able to pay for your purchase through Bitcoin on eBay?

No an individual will not be able to buy products on eBay through their Bitcoins. As for now, eBay is not going to give add an option for the customers for the payment method as Bitcoin. But if one still wants to pay through Bitcoins then they can transfer the money into their PayPal account from there they will be able to use it to buy the product on the website. Yes, this may not be very satisfying news for the customers but not to worry maybe next news soon came out with good news of eBay offering the Bitcoin as a payment method but till now you can do this way.

Will eBay get any benefit of accepting Bitcoins?

Yes, there will be some advantages of accepting the Bitcoins either as business or trade method or for the payment method on any website.

Below are some advantages of the same:

  1. The first one is the decentralization of the transaction that is there will be no third party who is interfering between the transaction done which means only the buyer and the seller will be involved in the process. This will increase the security level of the transaction.
  2. The second thing is that using Bitcoins is easier than any other payment method hence in a very short time the transaction will occur systematically.
  3. The utmost importance of Bitcoins is that they are not destroyable hence no one can destroy the Bitcoin at any cost and they will be as it is until or unless you use them.
  4. And the last but not the least the online fraud problems on the Internet will automatically decrease because of no third party interference.

Hence, our expert says that if eBay accepts Bitcoin as a source of payment then it will be a very good decision of the company and will benefit them at a high level. Now, the wait is for the official announcement by the company.

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